Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear full tweed?

No. You don’t have to wear full tweed. Smart, country style clothing in browns or greens is absolutely fine, men should wear a shirt and tie and ladies should wear a smart shirt with a tie or scarf. Sensible boots or wellingtons suitable for rough and/or wet ground and a hat are essential. Remember you are shooting at an inclement time of year and dress accordingly, several layers and a set of waterproofs are advisable.

Do I need my own gun and shotgun licence?

You definitely need to have your own current shotgun certificate which you should bring with you on your day shooting. You would be more comfortable shooting with your own gun although on some shoots gun hire can be arranged but this would need to be arranged in advance of the day and may incur an additional charge.

Do I need insurance?

You should have your own public liability insurance (that provided by BASC, NGO or Counrtyside Alliance is fine). We recommend that you insure your days shooting once booked as if you need to cancel for any reason we may not be able to refund you and you could be liable for the full cost of the day.

What cartridges should I use?

This is a personal choice in regards to brand and most people will have one make they favour. Try not to get caught up in big debates about which are best-they will all do the job if you are accurate with your shooting!! As a rule No 6 or 5 shot is sufficient and you should shoot a load at which you are comfortable 28-32g is more than adequate, nobody wants to be going home bruised after a day shooting. We insist all guns shoot fibre wad in respect of the land we shoot on. If there will be any duck drives on your day we will notify you in advance and you should bring substitute (non-toxic) cartridges for use over water.

Will you supply cartridges?

As the type of cartridge is a personal choice most guns bring their own. We can supply you with adequate notice in advance of your day for an additional cost.

Can I bring my spouse or friend?

Yes, in most cases this is fine but please let us know well in advance to arrange for transport around the shoot and additional catering. We may apply an additional charge to cover the cost of catering for any non-shooting guests.

Can I bring my dog?

In most cases well behaved dogs are welcome. Please let us know in advance how many dogs your party intend to bring.

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