Coronavirus (CV19) Stoneycairn Update

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In light of the governments recent announcements on lockdown we have given the matter a huge amount of thought and despite a lot of requests to restart 1-2-1 training we have decided not to do so. This is decision was not taken lightly but was made looking at the time lag between cases in the south of England and our own area and ensuring the safety of our clients and our family (some of whom we know are in an at risk group). Furthermore there is still some debate as to whether travelling to Stoneycairn could be deemed as essential travel?

What we have decided to do is wait until the end of May and the current clamour to visit garden centres has calmed and we feel a more sensible and pragmatic approach can be made.

We will however be reopening our online store service in a revamped style shortly, together with our click and collect service for dog food, training equipment, clothing & footwear, (more updates to follow soon) and we will be continuing post regular videos to our Facebook training group for existing clients.

In the meantime please all take care of yourselves and stay safe.

NB alternative view would be we have Welsh Cobs (bloody horses) and the Welsh are saying “Nah” to travel.


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